Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Solids are SOOOOO yummy!

Amisha started solids today and to say she loved it is an understatement. She DEVOURED her rice cereal, smacked her lips, laughed with delight, and wanted more more more! Granted, since she hates sitting she stood for most of it (something we'll have to remedy really quickly) but all in all, major success! (And can I just say that I'm feeling slightly sad that she's growing up so fast?)

Half a year old!!!

Amisha (aka. Ameeeesheeee and Ameeeeshooooo) is growing up so quickly!!! She just turned 6 months old and I'm in shock and how time flies! She's such a darling and I'm so crazy about her :) She talks a LOT, kicks her legs when she's really excited, loves sucking on her fingers, prefers standing to sitting, has the softest smushiest cheeks, and visibly lights up when she sees her big sister.

Here she is!

Fun times!

We've been really enjoying our summer this year with the two kiddos!

We attended the beautiful wedding of Melina Wadhwani and Patrick sans kids:

Dadi and Dadu joined us on Labor Day for Amisha's first official picnic (which, of course, she slept through):

I celebrated my first birthday as a mom of two beautiful girls :)

My good friend, Deepa, got married last weekend and I took Ananya for her very first Mehendhi. She LOVED it and was first in line to get BOTH hands done - a flower and a butterfly!

And our week got kicked off to a great start with Steph, Jean (aka Eemo), and Baby Leah visited and spend a day of fun with us!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


To celebrate several wonderful things - our 6th anniversary, Ananya's love of the beach, and Amisha's first vacay - we decided to take a summer trip to Kauai! It was fabulous - so relaxing with the breeze and perfect weather, amazing beach, incredible seafood, and yummy fruit. Our days were very hectic - wake up, eat breakfast, go to the beach, eat lunch, nap, wake up, go to the pool, shower, eat dinner, sleep :)

My parents and Paddu Aunty/Avva and Murthy Mama/Thatha also joined us, which added to the fun! It was Paddu Aunty's first trip to Hawaii and she absolutely loved it!

We visited the Waimea Canyon, hung out at the beach and pool, tried all the restaurants in our area, and ran into a bunch of Pooneet's college friends for the first few days (so random, so fun!). He always manages to run into people he knows, no matter where we go!

The first day, poor Pooneet totally crashed his head into a random drop-down part of our minivan, so he has a nice scar now as proof. Thankfully, that was our only calamity. Ananya had a wonderful time playing on the beach - splashing in the waves, building sand castles, getting into water fights with her dad and my dad. Amisha, to her credit, was a great baby on this trip - slept on the flight, slept on the beach for hours on end, and really had fun splashing in the ocean for the first time!

Here are some pictures from our trip:

And here is a comparison of Amisha and of Ananya (in the same swimsuit) on both of their first vacations to Hawaii!

6 years

Pooneet and I recently celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! We've had such an amazing time together - traveled the world, lived in different cities, and experienced the joy of having two lovely daughters. Can't wait to celebrate our 50th!